Saturday 12 September 2020

My wedding!!

This is a long time coming - in fact, our 4-year anniversary is just around the corner. So I thought it was about time I shared the wonder of designing your own wedding stationery!

My process involved selecting colours that suited both our personalities (we both love colour - more on that later) but also wouldn't look out of place at the venue (a very old mansion we got to use for the ceremony and reception). The venue was a huge part of my inspiration, and I also took photos of the ceiling and traced parts of the pattern to use on our stationery. 

The main colour (the beige/mushroom) which was used at the back of every piece of stationery was matched from my bridesmaid's dress.

Once we sorted the colour palette, the pattern and fonts (a little quirky, yet timeless), I started to apply it...

so we start with a logo, of sorts. A symbol that represents us as a couple, for our special day. 

...And then came menus, hand-made heart-shaped confetti, covered pencils (used for writing notes to the bride and groom), as well as posters which defined some important concepts (a nod to my love of language).

 Our gifts to the guests were bookmarks, and the thank you cards were postcards, which all carried the same look and feel.

And last, but not least, the invites, as well as some other bits and pieces, including a coffee-table style album that summed up the journey and the day itself (selected pages below)