Logos & business stationery

Pinnacle Players branding

The client
The Pinnacle Players team

The brief
To create branding for a new theatre company in town. The branding was to be professional, simple and versitile, as it would be primarily used to promote the next production, and should not clash with the look and feel of the show. Included in the scope was the style guide and a suite of business stationery.

The process
The team were easy to please when it came to logos - the challenge here was ensuring it would work across a wide range of collateral, with a wide variety of existing hero images, colour pallets and production logos. This was achieved by creating a wordmark with extended descender and ascender which could bleed off a space. 

The result
A sleek, adaptable brand which can be used in a variety of spaces with any colour and style. The highlight here was convincing the company to get some specialised finishing done for their business cards. This took a very simple logo to the next level with holographic foils on uncoated black card.

Smart Creations: 
Business Card (front)

(...and back)